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 Triko-Plex is an Architectural Grade Elastomeric Coating for Interior or Exterior Wall Applications

• Excellent for Spray-On "Popcorn" Ceiling Effect
• Mold and Mildew Resistant
• VOC Compliant Waterborne Formulation
• Forms a Protective Weather Resistant Membrane
• Does NOT Contain Lead, Mercury or Asbestos


Triko-Plex is an Architectural weatherproof elastomeric coating specified for above grade applications to achieve a superior decorative finish and weather-resistant protection for vertical concrete, stucco, masonry and primed metal surfaces. Triko-Plex’s polymer technology is a self-sealing liquid applied system that forms a seamless weather resistant membrane to protect surfaces from the damaging effects of rain, snow, wind, UV exposure, direct sunlight and heat. When properly applied, Triko-Plex provides a long lasting, mildew resistant protective coating for commercial, industrial and residential applications. Triko-Plex is often specified for DOT projects, including bridges and median barriers. Available in Smooth, Fine, Medium or Course finishes.



Solids by Weight 61%
Solids by Volume 48%
Weight per Gallon 10.5 lbs.
Viscosity 104 KU’s
PH 9.2
Permeance 7.0 perms
Mildew Growth None


TRIKO-PLEX is packaged and shipped in 5-gallon pails and 55-gallon drums. An MSDS is shipped with each order and we recommend that a set be kept available at the job site.


Proceed with application only when existing and forecasted weather conditions will permit work to be performed in accordance with good construction practices. This product is to be applied only to clean, dry sound surfaces. Do not apply this product when the surface is wet or if ambient temperatures are below 45° F or expected to drop below 45° F within a 24-hour period. Triko-Plex is not recommended for below grade use or use on back filled retaining walls. Do not apply during rain or if rain is expected within 24
hours after application. Do not apply to horizontal surfaces where puddles or ponding water can occur.


The surface must be properly prepared, cleaned and repaired before any coating may be applied to avoid blistering, peeling or delaminating and assure proper adhesion. Thoroughly clean the surface to remove all dirt, loose granules, and contaminants (oil, grease, solvents, etc.) that may interfere with proper adhesion. Pressure wash with a mix of water, a biodegradable cleaner and bleach, scrub with a broom, thoroughly rinse with clean water, and allow to completely dry. Thoroughly inspect and test surface for any moisture before proceeding. The type and degree of surface preparation will determine the success of the finished project. Triko-Plex will not fill voids in substrates nor hide imperfections. Do not apply directly to surfaces with a pH greater than pH 9.

HANDLING AND PREPARATION                                                                       

Mix thoroughly for 5 to 10 minutes prior to application at low speed to evenly disperse contents that may have settled during shipping or storage. Rolling or shaking pails or drums will not properly mix coating. DO NOT USE A DRUM HEATER or open flame or any other source of open heat. DO NOT THIN. DO NOT ALLOW TRIKO-PLEX TO FREEZE. In hot weather, opened containers may form a surface skin in the drum. This must be removed before mixing or spraying so as not to gum up spraying equipment or cause a lumping in the coating. All products have a shelf life. Do not open or prepare a container until ready to apply. Use with adequate ventilation and adhere to all applicable safety and equipment practices. Ground electrical tools, machines and equipment in accordance with the National Electrical Code.


White. Custom colors and tints may be ordered with minimum quantity requirements and will be quoted accordingly.


Smooth. Also available in Fine, Medium and Course textured finishes.


Smooth -  100 sq. ft./gal. + 20
Fine -         65 sq. ft./gal. + 5
Medium -  45 sq. ft./gal. + 5
Coarse -    40 sq. ft./gal. + 5

Coverage rates are estimates only. Actual coverage may vary depending upon the type, porosity and condition of the surface. Test actual coverage for each project.


Inspect surface, take photographs and detail job requirements for problem areas. Do not apply coating until unsatisfactory conditions are repaired. Thoroughly clean the surface to remove all debris, dirt, flaking, loose granules, chalking and contaminants (oil, grease, solvents, etc.) or anything else that may interfere with proper adhesion. Concrete that is cracked or brittle must have protrusions, cracks and splits repaired. Pressure wash with a mix of water, a biodegradable cleaner and bleach, scrub with a broom, rinse with clean water and allow to dry completely. The surface must be thoroughly inspected for any moisture on or within the surface. Only apply Triko-Plex to clean, dry, sound surfaces.

New Construction:

Concrete, stucco and masonry products must be cured and free of excess moisture prior to the application of this coating. Allow new concrete and stucco to cure 30 days and mortar joints to cure 15 days. Concrete or mortar with high lime content can cause excessive alkalinity resulting in coating failure. Check the pH of the surface with an Insta-Chek Surface pH Pencil or other measuring device. Surface alkalinity is measured in pH with pH 7 being neutral. If the surface pH exceeds pH 9 (blue), treat the surface with a 5% muriatic acid and water solution, rinse with clean water and let dry.

Concrete Block and Other Porous Surfaces

New or uncoated concrete block may require an application of block filler prior to the application of the coating. Back roll the base coat and first coat of the finish system to force out any entrapped air and to increase adhesion.

Previously Coated Surfaces

Pressure wash the surface with hydro-spray equipment (1500-2000 psi) using a maximum 25° tip to remove all dirt, flaky paint or coating, mildew, chalk or other foreign contaminants. Let it dry completely. If needed, apply a masonry conditioner to tie down any chalking residue.

Surface repair:

Repair any cracks and surface imperfections using the following guidelines prior to the application of the finish coats.

Hairline cracks                                                                                                                                      

Triko-Plex weatherproof coating will bridge all existing hairline cracks with no additional preparation necessary.

Small to medium cracks (less than 1/8")

Work an elastomeric filler into the crack with a broad knife. Elastomeric fillers will remain flexible.

Medium to large cracks (1/8" to 1/4")

Work an elastomeric filler into the crack with a broad knife. Allow it to dry. Apply a second coat of filler if any shrinkage is evident. Apply another thin coat over the prepared

crack and apply a single layer of reinforcing tape. Immediately after the tape has adhered to the first coat, apply a second coat to smooth and embed the tape. Feather the edges to ensure a uniform surface.

Surface imperfections

Can be patched by following the above procedures for medium to large cracks.

COATING APPLICATION                                                                                                                          

Triko-Plex Smooth coatings may be applied with a brush, roller or spray equipment. Triko-Plex Fine, Medium and Coarse textures must be applied using air-powered spray equipment only. Do not attempt to apply fine, medium or coarse textures with a brush or roller. Use the product directly from the container. Do not thin. Mix thoroughly with a power drill and mixing blade prior to use. Apply Triko-Plex to properly prepared surfaces at the recommended spread rate. Failure to apply the product at recommended rates may result in poor performance or possible failure. Work the coating into the surface for increased adhesion and to eliminate pinholes.


Triko-Plex Smooth

Spray application: The following recommendations are the result of equipment manufacturers testing and field experience. Contact the specific equipment manufacturer if you are using equipment other than described here. 30:1 Graco President, Senator, Bulldog, or King. Use 1/2" x 25’ max. or 3/8" x 50’ max. hose. Use with .015-.025 Reverse-A-Clean tip. Airless/gas - Graco 433, 533 or 733 with 1/4" x 25’ max. or 3/8" x 50’ max. hose. Use with .015-.025 Reverse-A-Clean tip.

Roller application

Use a roller with 3/4" to 1" nap. Wet the roller thoroughly with water and spin it out before filling it with material. Apply liberally to the specified wet mils. Roller application is not recommended for Medium or Coarse finishes.

Brushing application

Use a 6 to 8 inch nylon bristle brush. Apply the product liberally to 2 to 3 sq. ft. areas at a time. Brush out the material to the specified wet mils, using an interlock or fan stroke. Brushing should be reserved for the first coat application on porous substrates only. Use a roller or spray application for the second coat. Do not brush Medium or Coarse finishes.

Triko-Plex Fine, Medium, Coarse

Hand-held hopper gun - select orifice and pressure to achieve desired texture appearance with 35-45 psi. Spray 18"-24" from surface. Air/bottom feed pot - 30’ max. of 1" or 3/4" material hose and 1/2" air hose, double regular connected from tee, Binks 7E2 gun with 1/4" orifice. Use ceramic or nylon insert for best service. Set regulators at 50 psi material and 50 psi atomizing pressures. Spray at 24" distance from surface.


The company warrants its product to be free of manufacturing defects due to workmanship and materials for one year and in accordance to the conditions stated in the individual product Technical Data Sheets. This warranty is limited to the replacement of this product when such product proves to be defective in manufacture. This express warranty will only apply if the product is used for its specified purposes. It does not apply to failures due to improper application.

The company shall not be liable, in any event, for any incidental, consequential, special or indirect damages or damages to a structure or its contents from any cause whatsoever. This warranty may not be modified or amended by any employee, representative, agent or customer of Lanco & Harris. This warranty is exclusive and is in lieu of all other warranties, express or implied, including any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.                                                                                                       

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